Keep your thoughts to yourself

Now I am not sure if anyone else goes through this, but some people just feel like they have to tell you what is wrong with you and how to fix it.  For me, most of the time it is about my weight.  I have family members that are always talking about my weight and talking to other people about my weight.  I am told that a few of them are always trying to find out how much I weight and other times they just have a comment about how I look.

Usually, I can just let this roll off my skin, but other times I just want to yell.  I live in this body each and everyday and look in the mirror often enough to know what I look like and know exactly what I need to change. 

Honestly, this past week I did not go to the gym or even watch my eating but I can not beat myself up over this.  I have made mistakes that have put me in this exact moment.  I do want to take the steps to live a healthier life and I do want to be a beauty.  I can do this and I have the will to do this.  I will make the steps, but I am not sure of the size of each step.

Tomorrow I will wake up to a new day and it is my choice where that leads me. 

I hope to find friends that are on the same path and maybe we can help each other get to the other end of this path.  Thank you for reading my rant....

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