Well I have seen the many commericals on this product and have been wanting to try it.  I thought it would be better for my skin than shaving, especially because I also shave my arms.  After using this product I must say that it does what it is suppose to but I do not think it is really worth buying again.  After using it on my lower legs and arms, most of the product is gone.  I feel that I get the same results as using Nair, the only different is that this product is a spray.  Nair would cost a less and would last longer.

If you want to remove hair with less mess than I would say that this is for you. Even though it will be a costly in the long run.

Using the product: You position the spray about 4 inches away from your skin and spray a generous amount on your skin.  It should be a thick layer.  Leave this on for about 4-8 minutes.  With a damp towel wipe the area and the hair will come off. 

I hope this short review helps..

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